Over the past few weeks since the release of FSP's Aurum Series, there has been a good feedback around the Enthusiasts' community. The FSP Aurum Power Supplies offers solid high efficiency performance with a very affordable price tag. And its not just any ordinary efficiency, the Aurum power supplies were able to deliver 80plus Gold ratings which makes it stand out against its competitors. However, this amazing PSU series doesn't come without a flaw. The major disadvantage of its high efficiency performance comes at cable management. The previously released Aurum Series are non-modular and you have to clean up all the cables if you're going to install it in your rig. This is a minor cons if you looked at what the Aurum Series can give you.
Just recently to address this issue, FSP released their new Aurum Cable Management Series. These new models comes at 550w, 650w and 750w. The previous Aurum Series only comes at 400w, 500w, 600w and 700w...so be sure not to mistake the old ones with the newly released ones (and vice versa). The one distinct feature of the FSP Aurum Cable Management Series is that it comes with a modular feature, which was not present on the old series. Likewise, the new FSP Aurum, comes with the 80 Plus Gold Certifications, Active PFC, 120mm fan, four +12V rails and other standard protections against short circuit (SCP), over current (OCP), and over voltage (OVP).

The new Aurum Series would certainly address the issues of what enthusiasts pointed out in cable management. Although pricing on the new series has not been announced yet, I'm guessing this would only be limited to a slight increase once compared to previous series. No matter what the price would be, FSP would definitely try to fit this into the budget category (offering good performance for a very awesome price).
9/29/2012 09:33:18 am

Good info bro

2/25/2015 03:56:24 pm

The previously released Aurum Series are non-modular and you have to clean up all the cables if you're going to install it in your rig.


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