Every month PinoyPC will put up a Computer Setup (with current prices) in relation to its purpose and its fixed budget. Everything will be taken into consideration from its case up to the fine details of the processor and its other internal components.

All prices set will based on current market prices. As said, getting the best out of what you can afford...is what we here at Pinoy PC aims for.


Processor: Athlon II X3 440 (3.0G) 2mb AM3 - Php 3,295 (GI)*
Motherboard: ECS A880GM-AD3 - Php 3,750 (PCX)
Memory: DDR3 2GB 1333Mhz Kingston - Php 1,100 (PCX)
Hard Disk Drive: SATA2 500Gig Samsung - Php 1,595 (GI)*
Video Card: Inno3D GT240 series 512mb 128bit ddr3 - Php 2,800 (PCX)
Power Supply: FSP Supersonic 500w 80PLUS - Php 1,950 (PCX)

Casing: Gigabyte GZ-F3 - Php 995 (PCX)
Optical Drive:  DVD WRITER SONY 22x Black OEM - Php 895 (GI)*
Monitor:  LED 18.5" BenQ Monitor - Php 4695 (GI)*
Keyboard: Genius KB-110 P/S2 Black Spill - Php 225 (GI)
Mouse: A4tech OP-620D - Php 180 (PCX)
Speakers: Ozaki WR325 WoW 2 sub system - Php995 (PCX)
AVR: Generic Metal case 4 socket - Php 295 (PCX)

Total: 22770 + 262 (2.5% G.I.) = Php ~23,032
*Components with +2.5% Cebu Gaisano Interpace
**Prices as of Feb. 16, 2011; May change without further notice.

PURPOSE - Entry Level-Mid Gamer
This rig is designed for entry level to mid gaming experience. Having an awesome triple core adds to multi-tasking for those who want to do a lot of things at the same time... browsing, chatting, and even answering a call in skype, all these while doing a round of MMOFPS (Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter) in window mode. The GT240 Video Card adds flavor and gives the regular gamer a feel of decent frames per second. This awesome GT240 coupled with a 18.5" BenQ LCD and the Ozaki WR325 sound system would make movie viewing a breeze and a totally excellent experience.

The February 2011 rig of the month is firmly built on one of the rock solid motherboards in the market - the ECS black series motherboards. And finally, to give it a steady flow of electricity... this setup is powered by a very reliable and affordable FSP Supersonic 500watts, which has a current standing 80+ rating and active PFC.

Imagine all this for a 23k pesos price tag... that's an awesome bargain. Mid-level gaming armed with sturdy multi-tasking capabilities. This setup is definitely a CERTIFIED : PVP (Performance, Value and Practicability)!!

Gigabyte GZ-F3
7/12/2012 01:08:20 pm

is quickly


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    Performance, Value, Practicability - These are the things I look for when purchasing Computer components. Getting the most out of what I can afford is the matter that I've consistently practiced. It doesn't take to be a rocket-scientist to know that, all I need is a keen sense in what's good and bad.


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