Fastwin Computers has made a reputation a few years back selling old surplus computer hardware. Now, they still sell surplus components but with added marketing on brand new components in their shops. A few months back they were able to open a new branch in the south at Gaisano Grand Fiesta Mall (formerly called Gaisano Tabunok).

Once again they're planning to open a new branch in Parkmall on the second floor, just across the bazaar area.Well, I know Fastwin is not exactly the best shop for local enthusiasts but they do offer other accessories and components (such as ink/cartridge replacements) which are not found in other stores, which I think should not be overlooked. And if you're cutting some slack, you could always get one of their surplus monitors which has low prices, while saving up for a brand new and bigger LED monitor.

Fastwin Parkmall may not be far from its main branch but this gives computer users from the Mactan Island and northern Cebu access to commendable computer hardware and accessories. This would definitely be a good place to go to if you want quick access on certain PC components especially if you're living near the area.
7/16/2012 09:48:10 am

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Joseph Aidan

9/25/2012 04:14:02 pm

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Jasmine Dormido
10/18/2014 07:32:11 am

can you tell me how much for a complete set of desk tap.(4th generation)..thank u so much

10/18/2014 09:04:05 am

Hi Jasmine, unfortunately I am not connected with them but it might be a good idea to ring Fastwin for more information... 238 2299 ;)

Virtual Assistant
4/8/2016 05:35:48 am

Thanks for your wonderful words for Fastwin. I had been a costumer and had bought 4 units already in total and I have no bad words against them. Their after sales service is even better than that of other stores where you buy brand new units.

1/22/2018 12:01:58 am

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