Ever since the entry of the dual-core processors, computer hardware fans have been fascinated by the thought of having one component working in multiple forces. Now comes another one... it's the EVGA GTX 460 but this time it's not any ordinary Video Card. This one is labelled 2Win! Yes, it has 2 GPU (Graphics Processing Units) on one card... amazing, isn't it?
The EVGA GTX 460 2Win runs with its stock 2048 MB memory on a 512bit DDR5 lane at an effective rate of 3600 MHz with an approximate of 230.4 GB/s bandwidth. Other specifications under this magnificent EVGA graphics blaster include 700MHz GPU, 400MHz RAMDAC and 672 CUDA Cores.

According to EVGA, this will draw a lot of power from your system indeed since it's basically like 2 video cards fused into one. You'll probably need 700 watts true-rated power supply to juice this one up, including 2 8-pin PCI-E power connectors. EVGA also emphasized that a 46 amp rating on the +12V rail will be needed for this endeavor. 

For those wanting to enjoy intense graphics in your gaming environment, you can't go wrong with this baby right here. It'll probably costs a lot too once it hits the local pinoy market. Let's keep an eye on this one.
9/25/2012 11:45:25 am

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