With nearly a decade of ink printer domination, people have started to come around and find initiative to cut their printing costs from the lavish ink-based systems. Over the past years, refilling ink cartridges has been a common practice to save on printing costs. Furthermore, continuous ink systems have successfully answered the call of heavy printing business such as internet cafes and other shops. Without the hassle of refilling the cartridge, the CIS (continuous ink supply) systems have made a big hit in these times. Pioneers in the CISS installation, however, have charged so much for this technology since its been on popular demand. Just recently, CD-R king has addressed that problem with their cheaper Continuous Ink Supply System designed for Epson printers.

CD-R King CISS for Epson Model Printers
The CD-R King CISS is currently offered to work on Epson T model printers (T10, T11, T20, TX100, TX111, TX200, T209, TX210, TX300F, TX400, TX409, TX410, TX419). It comes with the standard volumes and new version chips of the T0731N cartridges, which CD-R King claims to be easy to reset. The storage mount has a capacity of 80ml making it a good reservoir for the ink to be used on those lavish printing jobs. The CD-R King continuous ink supply system comes at a very cheap price of only Php 480. Even though installation is not included in the CISS kit, instruction manuals and technical support are readily available for the do-it-yourself user. So, if you're looking for a good and cheap printing solution, you could always go with this one. For the price, this one's a steal compared to other CISS providers!

As a final note, please be reminded that installing non-original cartridges may void the warranty of your printer.
7/8/2011 05:30:08 pm

7/8/2011 05:31:33 pm

hello magkano ang complete ciss kit on cd-rking dito sa cebu....??? thanks in advanced please reply

7/9/2011 08:45:30 am

It's pegged at a Php 480 price tag. Please check with your local CD-R King stores for availability and stocks. :)

7/28/2011 01:38:59 am

hello po. ask ko lang po kung pede syang gamitin sa Epson me32 model? parang kapareho lang po kc sila ng cartridge.

8/1/2011 09:53:03 am

The Epson me32 model uses the T-141 ink series.

Apparently, this model of CD-R King CISS doesn't support the T141 ink series. Although it seems to look the same, the T-141 ink series uses different chips.

11/16/2011 02:10:14 pm

hello po ask lang po kung pwede ba syang gamitin sa Epson C90 kasi po yong ink sa C90 ay 73N or 91N cartridges pareho lang po sa Epson T10, Epson T11, Epson TX100,Epson TX111 pareho lang sila nang ink series

11/19/2011 06:20:44 am

In theory, it should be compatible since the chips in the 73N an 91N are applicable to the older Epson C90.

11/21/2011 05:54:22 pm

Ask ko lang po kung Pwede ito gamitin sa Epson T13 printer. Kasi po 73N din ang ink cartridge ng Epson T13, pero hindi po naka indicate ang T13 sa list of printer models. Kung sino man po ang naka gamit na nito sa Epson T13 paki post naman po kung gumagana ito sa Epson T13....

Salamat po

4/27/2012 09:01:13 am

If it is compatible with 73N cartridge, it should be able to work with that printer. However, there has been no confirmation from CD-R king that it works with the T13.

2/28/2012 05:05:54 pm

pwd po b 2 s epson T60

4/27/2012 10:08:08 am

Epson T60 carries 85N ink cartridge. The CD-R King CISS carries the T072N ink chip which is not compatible with the 85N.

4/24/2012 08:30:36 am

will come back shortly

4/26/2012 08:36:56 pm

Question: Is it possible for CX5500 since it has the same cartridge (73N)?

4/28/2012 01:48:20 pm

yeah, it works. i bought mine a week ago and it works perfectly fine. i'm using epson cx5500 btw.

4/27/2012 09:03:34 am

Guys, I know that there are a lot of concerns regarding latest printers which use the same cartridge. We will try to make contact with CD-R King support and wait for their confirmation on this product.

Thank you.

4/28/2012 08:49:09 pm

ung nabili kong CISS s cd r king ala namang reset button pwede ko kaya ibalik di ko kasi napansin bago ko binili layo pa man din CD R KING s amin

7/30/2012 04:17:17 pm

Excellent! I admire all the helpful data you've shared in your articles. I'm looking forward for more helpful articles from you. :)

Joseph Aidan

8/6/2012 08:49:58 am

thank you for the information, your article is very good. I really enjoyed reading your article, thank you .....

8/14/2012 10:41:41 pm

information is very helpful .... thank you

1/6/2014 07:07:42 pm

merun na po bang available na ciss ang epson me32? salamat

11/5/2015 10:25:56 pm

any instructions how to press the chip resetter installed in the cis of cd r king?????

6/12/2016 05:33:08 am

magkano po ba ang ink nito?


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