Hello Avid readers and tech enthusiasts,

It's good to be back after some time. I have just got back online and going to continue providing you guys with the latest tech news, reviews, articles and commentaries here at PinoyPC

Moving aside, we've just added our own Facebook Fanpage for PinoyPC. It's not yet updated but overall we'll be looking at reaching out to our viewers and readers through facebook updates. Please do like our fanpage.

PinoyPC Fanpage

Also, we have begun sourcing out our own Youtube channel. We're going to be updating our channel with the latest gadgets, hardware and accessories. You can check out our Channel here:

Poor Man's Rig -- PinoyPC Channel

Thank you for your support, guys.



Good day to all our avid readers and followers of PinoyPC! I know there have been some delays and no updates on most things for over a month now and I do apologize for this one. Just to keep everyone posted, I'm currently pursuing a qualification over the last few weeks and have been unable to add more content to PinoyPC.

By June, I would be finish (hopefully) with my qualification and I could continue delivering you, avid readers, latest tech news, specials, updating the site and the like. Also, I'm planning to add a facebook fanpage for our website so it would be easy to keep track through facebook. Thank you so much.

Dear subscribers,

We would like to apologize for our inactivity for the past few weeks. Currently, PinoyPC's developer has engaged in a business trip overseas and finding a good and stable connection is really difficult. Because of this, we were not able to post Rig of the Month for August and July. Good news though, we are now able to setup a stable connection and our operation will follow shortly. Stay tune for more things to come and watch for September's rig of the month. Cheers!


With the hectic schedule on going, I am saddened to tell you guys that there will be no Rig of the Month for May 2011. However, we will compensate this one with a much better issue for the upcoming June 2011 Rig of the Month. In anticipation for the upcoming release of the new AMD Llano Processor, this will also give us a good opportunity to explore the new CPU features. Thank you.
Okay, I know this one's delayed again. Apparently, I have a ton of work to do and further developing the site has suffered much because of this. But anyway, I've finally finished the CPU Processor section for our basic guide. Please feel free to check it out. Just click the link below to redirect you to the page or you could just simply navigate through the top bar.

Pinoy PC - CPU Processor Guide
After a week of doing other stuffs, we've finally released this long overdue section of Pinoy PC. The Computer Anatomy Section in our Newbie's Basic Guide to PCs is now released. Do try to check this out. If you don't know anything about the basic parts of the basic computer, this is a good place to start. The link is posted below. Enjoy!

Pinoy PC - Computer Anatomy

Please stay tune for more updates on this Newbie's Guide.
PinoyPC has started making out the article to a commoner's guide to computer hardware. Here in PinoyPC, we aim to educate the ones who has no known knowledge on computers and related components. Through this we may be able to reduce the likelihood of getting ripped off and further increase the knowledge of the common computer user.

You may check out the tutorial in the link below. The first page is done, the next chapters will be added as we go along. Feel free to drop by our website for updates.

Pinoy PC Computer Basics


    Performance, Value, Practicability - These are the things I look for when purchasing Computer components. Getting the most out of what I can afford is the matter that I've consistently practiced. It doesn't take to be a rocket-scientist to know that, all I need is a keen sense in what's good and bad.


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