For overclockers, enthusiasts and even ordinary PC users, getting a after-market CPU cooler is an essential for optimizing performance, improving airflow and (sometimes) just for the aesthetic purposes (bling-bling). Brands like Thermaltake, Coolermaster and the like has been dominating this market for quite some time. However in the past few years, Deepcool has entered this market and certainly grabbed a share of the thermal solutions and cooling market. Deepcool provides an alternative solution for consumers looking for good performance partnered with a decent price tag.

Deepcool products have been in the Philippines imported from China a few years ago. And most of these products can be found primarily on TipidPC sellers or Manila-based computer shops. Some provincial-based individuals were selling off their coolers too but overall they were all sourced from the capital, Manila. Now, however, PC Express, a national-wide computer retailer, has seen the demand for these products and placed Deepcool items on their lists. This move has made them fairly accessible to the consumers.
Deepcool Iceberg Pro priced at Php 1,100.00
Deepcool Gammaxx 400 priced at Php 1,150.00
On a side note, not only PC Express has began carrying Deepcool products. Other provincial computer hardware retailers, such as Cebu Appliance Center, have also carried Deepcool items for quite some time now. We, here at PinoyPC, hope that other computer parts retailers would list Deepcool into their product line up and make this excellent brand be generally available for enthusiasts and computer users alike outside of Manila.
FSP is certainly throwing away their guns on the market and it is hitting hard. They started off with the basic FSP Supersonic series and then comes the multi-awarded Gold certified FSP Aurum. Just recently, PC Express started to cater the new FSP HEXA power supply.

The HEXA comes in 2 models the 400 watts and the 500 watts. PC Express sells the 500 watts for a measely Php 1,850. That's actually not bad. It features a nice black case with a fairly good looking design on it. Let's look at the specifications. HEXA 500watts follows the ATX 12V 2.3 format and has a high efficiency of >80% which meets the 80 plus certification. This PSU is also armed with dual +12V output circuits, a video card 6-pin connector and features a quiet 120mm fan, just like all the other newly released FSP products. This power supply, as always, carries different protection like the OCP, OVP, SCP, OPP, OTP and UVP. Below is a rundown of its cables.

20+4 Main Connector
4-pin +12V Connector x1
4-pin Floppy Connector x1
SATA Connector x4
4pins Molex Connector x4
PCI-E Connector x2

So if you're looking for a good basic power supply, I think you will never go wrong in picking this product from FSP.
PCExpress, one of the top computer retail chain in the Philippines, announced today its Gaming Gear Package promo! For limited stocks, gamers will be able to get awesome equipment from Thermaltake Esports Gaming Gear for a very low price of only Php 3,000.

The TTesports Gaming Package includes:
1 Shock One Gaming Headset
1 Challenger Gaming Keyboard
1 Conkor Gaming Mouse Pad
1 Azureus Gaming Mouse

Stocks are very limited on this package. And as of the moment of this post, only 30 package are available for reservation. There are only a few PCX branches that cater to this promo. However, you can make a reservation early and make PCX deliver it to your nearest branch. For reservations, please contact your nearest branch and enjoy this amazing deal for steal! All items will be available on June 15, 2011 but you can pre-order them right now!
Picture courtesy of PCExpress facebook
With the current trends of emerging high-performance graphics processing units or simply "video cards", one can always drool on the costs these new models come tagged with. If you're in the local market, you probably have a hard time looking for a good entry-level video card pegged at around Php 3,000. Good News!... PC Express recently released into their inventory the budget gamer's video card - The Powercolor HD5670 1gb DDR3! And what's even more exciting is that this baby comes only with a Php 3,500 price tag - now, that's definitely an amazing price!
HD 5670 1gb ddr3 (priced at Php 3,500 -- as of April 3, 2011)
With 1 gb of memory running at DDR3 and 30% cheaper than its DDR5 counter part with the same exact memory, the HD5670 1gb DDR3 is a steal for the price. You have a decent processor but not a very strong price. If you put this card head to head with a similarly priced GT240, this would wipe the 240 hands down. The HD5670 is engine clocked at 775MHz with a memory clock of 667MHz x 2 with an interface at 128-bit.

Although the older Nvidia 9800GT might be a little bit faster (with the same price range), the Powercolor HD5670 comes with DirectX 11 support and runs compatible at PCI-E 2.1 bus standard. If you're looking for a decent videocard and you're a bit tight in the pocket, the Powercolor HD5670 1gb DDR3 would certainly fit what your looking for. Decent price of Php 3,500 and commendable performance is certainly worth looking into. Try to visit your nearest PC Express branch or contact your local stores for the availability of this price-steal GPU.

One of the most reliable brands in the Video Card industry, XFX, has begun entering the local Filipino computer hardware market. XFX has garnered a good reputation in the US market with it's promise of providing a lifetime warranty on its video cards and guarant. Though this feature is only limited in the US market, it certainly made a big impression for computer enthusiasts all over the world. 

Just recently, PC Express, one of the leading retailers of computer components in the Pinoy market, has started to shell out the first high-end XFX video card, the HD 5850 1gb!


Fastwin Computers has made a reputation a few years back selling old surplus computer hardware. Now, they still sell surplus components but with added marketing on brand new components in their shops. A few months back they were able to open a new branch in the south at Gaisano Grand Fiesta Mall (formerly called Gaisano Tabunok).

Once again they're planning to open a new branch in Parkmall on the second floor, just across the bazaar area.Well, I know Fastwin is not exactly the best shop for local enthusiasts but they do offer other accessories and components (such as ink/cartridge replacements) which are not found in other stores, which I think should not be overlooked. And if you're cutting some slack, you could always get one of their surplus monitors which has low prices, while saving up for a brand new and bigger LED monitor.

Fastwin Parkmall may not be far from its main branch but this gives computer users from the Mactan Island and northern Cebu access to commendable computer hardware and accessories. This would definitely be a good place to go to if you want quick access on certain PC components especially if you're living near the area.


    Performance, Value, Practicability - These are the things I look for when purchasing Computer components. Getting the most out of what I can afford is the matter that I've consistently practiced. It doesn't take to be a rocket-scientist to know that, all I need is a keen sense in what's good and bad.


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