For overclockers, enthusiasts and even ordinary PC users, getting a after-market CPU cooler is an essential for optimizing performance, improving airflow and (sometimes) just for the aesthetic purposes (bling-bling). Brands like Thermaltake, Coolermaster and the like has been dominating this market for quite some time. However in the past few years, Deepcool has entered this market and certainly grabbed a share of the thermal solutions and cooling market. Deepcool provides an alternative solution for consumers looking for good performance partnered with a decent price tag.

Deepcool products have been in the Philippines imported from China a few years ago. And most of these products can be found primarily on TipidPC sellers or Manila-based computer shops. Some provincial-based individuals were selling off their coolers too but overall they were all sourced from the capital, Manila. Now, however, PC Express, a national-wide computer retailer, has seen the demand for these products and placed Deepcool items on their lists. This move has made them fairly accessible to the consumers.
Deepcool Iceberg Pro priced at Php 1,100.00
Deepcool Gammaxx 400 priced at Php 1,150.00
On a side note, not only PC Express has began carrying Deepcool products. Other provincial computer hardware retailers, such as Cebu Appliance Center, have also carried Deepcool items for quite some time now. We, here at PinoyPC, hope that other computer parts retailers would list Deepcool into their product line up and make this excellent brand be generally available for enthusiasts and computer users alike outside of Manila.
The Raider Series is a budget power supply catered for gamers and enthusiasts. It comes with pretty decent features and even supports SLI and crossfire with a 80 Bronze certification. With value and performance both in the same package, you could never go wrong with this one! Enjoy the video, like and comment!

For our feature of the month, PinoyPC will unbox a casing from a reputable brand - the Silverstone RL01B. This enthusiast case comes with all modern features but doesn't come with a heavy price tag. Certainly a bang for the buck case for those looking out for decent features (such as USB 3.0 and good ventilation) on a budget. Retail price for the RL01B is around Php 2,200. Do check this out.
CPU cooling has been one of the most viable topics and discussions for PC enthusiasts. The ability to squeeze out more juice of the processor and keeping it cool with third party CPU coolers has been the trend for overclockers and enthusiasts alike. In most conditions, liquid cooling has been regarded as the optimized solution for bringing temps down and boosting clocks up.

Just recently, Enermax, a brand known for PSUs and Cases, has entered into the CPU liquid cooling department. Enermax has released the ELC series which includes ELC120-TA, ELC120-TB and the much more high-end ELC240 models. And with the patent issues going about, Enermax also managed to keep their patent on their own thermal conductivity technology.

One of the features introduced and emphasized by Enermax which makes it different from the other conventional and current liquid coolers is that they seem to feature a simplified close-loop system which prevents any hassle brought about by liquid cooling technology. Enermax claims that there won't be any need to replace the coolant for their systems and maintenance-free.
Enermax ELC series conforms with both AMD and Intel platforms that will make it easier and flexible for the PC market. ELC120-TB and the ELC240 are armed with Silence Fans while the ELC120-TA slightly differs with a LED fan but retains the same functionality with the TB. Prices for the Philippine market has not yet been announced but in the US market, the ELC series costs at $89.99 (ELC120 TB and TA) and $119.99 (for the ELC240).
There has been a trend on getting low profile video cards more into the market especially with HTPC (Home Theatre PC) rigs getting about. But usually these graphics processors are more on the value side models and would not definitely reach the mid-range cards. 

This time around, however, Sapphire has launched its own low profile HD7750 video card. Like all other low profile GPUs, the Sapphire HD7750 was built for HTPC systems and small form factor computers, which would require more graphics capability but with minimal space requirements.

The Sapphire HD7750 has 1GB of memory and core clocks at 800 MHz, it comes in 128-bit memory interface also and features DVI-I, displayport video outputs and HDMI. No pricing has been released on the said videocard but hopefully in a few weeks time it should reach the local markets.
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The green team, Nvidia, has been doing a lot of renaming of their video cards for a long time now. This time around Nvidia has dwelt on renaming the old Geforce GT 520 to the more recent Geforce GT 620. There are however slight changes on the 6 series model. One of the most distinct change is that the GT 620 memory has been reduced considerably by half making it 512/1024mb instead of the previous 1024/2048mb. Though, this won't really matter on some applications. But beneath these setbacks, the newer version GT 620 supports Open GL 4.2 from the 4.1 of the older 5 series counterpart.

The 510 videocard will also be replaced with the latest Geforce 605. On the downside of this, the graphics clockspeed is reduced from 810 to 523 MHz; processor clockspeed has been decreased also making it to only 1026 MHz from the older 1620 MHz. The bright side on this is that the newer models now consume lesser power and are now based on the Kepler architecture, which is the same design from the GTX 680 class.

The good news is that the Geforce GT 620 and 605 won't make it to retail and would only be limited to OEM production.
Rebranded as usual
ASRock, the sister company of ASUS, has announced their new AMD motherboard that comes with the latest Lucid Virtu Universal MVP technology support. This technology features the unification of the discrete video card (GPU) and the AMD CPU with integrated GPU capabilities to perform hand-in-hand to obtain performance gains.

The pioneer motherboard with this technology is the ASRock A75 Pro4/MVP. It will be released in the local market sometime soon. No pricing details have been announced as of now but it should be within decent price range for enthusiasts.
ASRock A75 Pro4/MVP
With the lineup of Bulldozer being staggered into different markets, AMD recently announced the addition of their Bulldozer lineup - the FX-6200 and FX-4170.

Both new processors still feature the 32nm technology in which the current Bulldozer chips are using. However, the FX-6200 and FX-4170 are 125W TDP, unlike the previous FX-6100 and FX-4100, which are only at 95W. Both new CPUs carry 8mb of L3 cache and are still AM3+ sockets based.

The hexa core FX-6200 has a starting clock speed of 3.8 GHz and reaches 4.1 GHz on Turbo. While the quad core FX-4170 has a base clock of 4.2 GHz and accelerates to 4.3 GHz on Turbo. And additional good news for AMD users, with this new processors comes price cuts on older Bulldozer chips. AMD announced that it will reduce prices on its other 32nm models.

With these newer chips coming along, let's hope this will be priced competitively in our local market. For those waiting for prices to go down for CPU upgrades, this might be the starting point that you're looking for.


    Performance, Value, Practicability - These are the things I look for when purchasing Computer components. Getting the most out of what I can afford is the matter that I've consistently practiced. It doesn't take to be a rocket-scientist to know that, all I need is a keen sense in what's good and bad.


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