For most enthusiasts, overclocking capability (pushing a component through its limits, increasing performance and temps at the same time) is one of the deciding factor when purchasing processors. In the recent years, aside from some Intel CPUs, such as the K editions, AMD has been the preferred by most enthusiasts with a wide variety of its unlocked editions and cheaper cost. However, the downside of overclocking is that it will void any warranty in your component. Just recently, Intel announced a protection plan for Overclockers on their CPUs.

Performance Tuning Protection Plan, Intel's new replacement plan, entitles an Intel user with an out-of-warranty service offers in the event of component damage caused by putting too much voltage by the user or simply during overclocking. The plan user is entitled to an immediate single replacement for the damaged CPU, and, in no terms, overrides the standard 3-year warranty offered on most Intel products. The only sad thing about this new feature is that it comes with an extra price tag and is only limited on certain unlocked models.
Unfortunately, I doubt that this will ever be implemented in the Philippines. Do note that this additional price plan models are designed for North American users, as of the moment.
With the holidays still kicking in and a bit of money still hanging on our pockets, let's take a look at the December 2011 rig of the month. This time around, we look at what AMD Bulldozer can offer and how much its going to cost us to build an overclocking rig with this FX chip.

Click the picture to read more on December 2011's Rig of the Month.


    Performance, Value, Practicability - These are the things I look for when purchasing Computer components. Getting the most out of what I can afford is the matter that I've consistently practiced. It doesn't take to be a rocket-scientist to know that, all I need is a keen sense in what's good and bad.


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